~Tree Removal And Moving Day~

Hey Everyone,

I hope your week has been well! Mine has been a little sad because today my brother and his family moved out. They aren’t far from us but it will be weird not having them here everyday.

So this week we had eight pine trees cut down in the backyard. My Dad has wanted them gone since we moved here eight years ago. But we have had other things to do before the trees could come down. I’m not the biggest fan of having the trees gone. But I do know that all those trees were infested with ants or getting to be. I just love the shade and right know it is getting hot out and the shades gone from that part of the yard. My Mama says she’s willing to put something up for a little bit of shade. She doesn’t have to but she knows my fear of the heat so is willing to do that for me. My parents are the best that they think of me when they really don’t have too. šŸ™‚ She was thinking a gazebo. I will have to look in to them and see how much that would cost. I was thinking a shade tree in the middle of the yard. LOL. But a gazebo works too. I have some pictures to share with you all of the trees coming down.

~Or already down~

Right know the yard is a big dust bowl. It hasn’t rained in a while and we are hoping it will rain soon. But the raider doesn’t say to expect rain for a couple of weeks. But right now it looks like it may rain so I’m hoping that they are wrong and that it will rain tonight.

When they cut down the trees it left a lot of pinecones and sticks to be picked up. I’m happy about that because that means more sticks for the wood chipper. I hope to get a lot of the garden covered in wood chips this summer and maybe into the fall. My Dad has a wood chipper but it is made for smaller projects then a big garden. So for the last month and a half I have been picking up sticks and pinecones to use in the wood chipper. I wonder how big a pile I will need to fill the garden?

Any way so today my brother and his family moved out. I got to watch my Little Niece with my Mama today from 12:30 to 5pm. She would not nap so we played around the house and listened to music. She even spent some time in the pool out front. She is wanting to walk everywhere now and is walking all over the house back and forth from hallway to dinning room. We have a little wheelchair ramp I guess you can say. The previous owners husband was in a wheelchair so they built an addition to the house. The ramp goes to that part and the house and the hallway is wide enough for a couple of people to walk side by side. So she loves going up the ramp and half way down the hall and back to the kitchen. Sometimes into the dinning room and back again. So that is what we did and danced to her music. Then after a snack she played in the pool. She loves being outside. But it is getting into the 90’s here and so the outside time has been in little ten minute intervals or in the evenings.

Here are some pictures of my Little Niece from this week. In a couple of photos she is wearing one of her new bathing suits. šŸ™‚ She is so cute in it!

Lastly I have three pictures of the new house. Well the inside. Stuff is still being brought over there to night and tomorrow as well but it is really coming along. šŸ™‚

Thats all for this week!

~Till Monday~


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