~OCC May Gift List~

Hey Everyone,

This month is hygiene items! So hairbrushes to combs, washcloths to toothbrushes, soap to deodorant. Remember that in the states they no longer allow toothpaste in the shoeboxes, but you can always put in floss. I have never thought to put in deodorant in before but it isn’t on their “No” list online. So I guess it is ok. This picture is from there website but it is a old one. But as I said they don’t mention it being something that you shouldn’t put in a box. 🙂

What are somethings that you like to do for hygiene items? I like to put tissues in every box that I pack.

The theme for the month is in Memory of Michael Edward Neal. He past away last month and his family asked that his memory be honored through giving to OCC or donating to a food bank. So today I decide to not really go with a theme as much as go with things he liked to do. He loved football and even coached some as well. He also liked to hunt and fish. You can’t add hunting things in a box but you can add things that have to do with the outdoors and also you can add some fishing gear to your boxes. He also was really into church ministries for young men. So this month I ask that everyone really think about what young men would like to get for Christmas.

In honor of Mike devote a little extra time and thought to the 10-14 yr old boy boxes. What do you think they would really like to get in their shoebox?

That is all for today! 🙂

~Till Tomorrow~


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