~Order Free OCC Materials~

Hey Everyone,

Today I wanted to share with you some of the free materials you can get from Samaritans Purse. These materials are things like prayer guide bookmarks, Posters, Bouchers, and “I packed a shoebox” stickers etc. They have a whole page of things that they offer. Some of the stuff they have is helpful when starting a shoebox packing group or with sharing with church groups.

One of the cool things that they have is a “Let’s be friends sheet” that you can fill out and put in the boxes that you fill. It tells the child that receives the box a little about you and you can really make it yours. It has little pictures for you to color or that you can leave for them too. It is up to you. They also have a Project leader resource kit if you are wanting to start a group. I personally didn’t use the resource kit because we already knew about OCC and have been filling boxes for years. But my friend D would have probably liked it because it was her first time with us last year.

I love all the things that they offer. They even have a free dvd called “The best of Operation Christmas Child” that I think would be fun to see. I haven’t used the free OCC materials like I should and hope to do so today. I plan on ordering a few things for us to have come our next get together after this weekend one. I really want the prayer guide book marks. We all love to read so that would be something I think we would all use. 🙂 Here are pictures of what they offer.

As you can see they have a lot of things for promoting OCC or just for you to have at home. They also have printable stuff for download if that is more your style. I personally like just being able to order and have it sent to me. It saves on ink in the printer as well. 🙂

We have a get together on Saturday to make up for the one I have to cancel a couple of weeks ago and I will share it with y’all next week!

~Till Tomorrow~


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