~Feeling Better, Pool Days, And Pollen Time~

Hey Everyone,

I hope your week has been well. I have had a good week so far. šŸ™‚ It has been in the low 70s and somedays even in the 60s and that is my kind of weather. To my Dad it is a little to cool for him he likes it in the high 70s and into the 80s as do most of my family. Speaking of my Dad he is feeling so much better and is back to working and doing things at the little house and laughing more again. God is good and His healing is amazing!

I have been working on our garden and yard lately. I have been picking up sticks and raking some leaves up for the compost. We officially have a big pile of sticks by our garden just waiting to become mulch. We have a little wood chipper and I keep wanting to use it but hesitating. I don’t like 1) loud electric tools and 2) I don’t like sharp things. I have hurt my fingers one to many times with sharp tools.

The gardening is a little slow right know and it has become a little difficult to walk and work outside because the pollen is so high. We have pine pollen floating in puffs of clouds. It looks like a yellow haze most of the day right know. It isn’t even close to how bad it was yesterday. My Mama went for a walk and said that it was hard to breath without a mask on. We have a lot of pine trees around here so we didn’t notice the how yellow it was till looking at the cars. When something is always around it is sometimes hard to notice at first I find.

But before the pollen got so high my little Niece has been having fun out in her new pool. She loves being in the water just like her parents. She is in the stage where she likes to throw everything out of the pool and plan pen. But she also really likes to scoop the water and put it in the bucket. Here so photos of here outside. Ok here are a lot of photos of her outside. šŸ™‚

Someone likes to wear her parents sunglasses. LOL. Just like her Daddy he loves his sunglasses too. We have been having fun outside before the pollen got so bad. It has rained a little bit here and has washed away some of the pollen. Isn’t amazing how right when everything blooms and pollen is high the Lord made it the rainy season. I know that is why everything is blooming I just find it cool how He made everything work together like that.

Ok that is all for now!

~Till Monday~


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