~Easter, Illness, And Houses~

Hey Everyone,

How was your Easter? Doing anything fun? We had fun here the day started slow but relaxing and ended in fun. We dyed eggs with my little Niece for the first time. She had fun because she got to hold the whisk that held the egg. I don’t having any pictures of that to share but I do have ones of her Easter egg hunt and her Easter basket.

Her Mama went all out for her first Easter basket and gifts. She is starting to understand how to open her gifts. She got a fun new basketball and soccer game as well as a inflatable pool. She has been having a blast in the pool these last couple of days because it has been in the 80s. Here are the pictures of her going through the stuff in her Easter basket and playing with her basketball hoop.

I love these last four photos of her with the soccer ball. It looks like she slammed dunked the ball. She loved putting her snack puffs through the hoop as well. It was really cute. 🙂

After dying eggs we had a Easter egg hunt. At first she looked at us like why am I doing this. But then at the end she started to get a hang of it and wanted to do it again. We had a little photo shot after the egg hunt. The chickens photo bombed the shot. It is so cute having the chickens in the background. Buttercup especially liked getting in the pictures.

So last week I told you about my Dad and how he was sick. It ended up being Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever from a tick. It was caught early so he was just on a antibiotic for a while. But they say it can take two to three weeks before he feels a lot better. Even though he is already feeling better. He is still very tired and he does not like it. But the Lord has healed him so much already. With Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever you can have a fever for two to three weeks but he hasn’t had one in awhile.

So Because my Dad hasn’t been feeling well the little house has had to go on hold for a little bit. But it has had so much finished so fast so far. All thats left does seem like a lot but I don’t think it will be much longer till its done. Just need to finish painting, flooring, kitchen cabinets, counter, and the electrical. Yes sounds like a lot.

As for the tiny house giveaway, I have been entering almost everyday for almost two weeks. I don’t even know how many times I have entered. I just started writing it done a couple of weeks ago and I had been entering for a little while before that. But it ends this month so I have been trying to get online and enter as much as I can. I have officially said entered five times in this paragraph. LOL. 🙂


~Till Monday~


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