~No Sew Fabric Dolls~

Hey Everyone,

Today I have a update on the OCC get togethers. On March 27th we got together and made no sew fabric dolls for the girls boxes. We five dolls that day and on Sunday I made two more because I was bored. :)We had fun making them but before we started on them my friend D suggested that we make a inventory of what we already had. So we did.

We each have a bucket and we split the ages into them and each of us took one home. I have the 2-4 age group.

My friend D has a cool app where she can write the inventory list on paper and then she takes a picture of it, then she could send it as a document to us. We so far are doing well on the stuff for the boxes. But as always I think the boys may end up needing a little extra stuff come Oct. They are the harder ones for us girls to buy for. If anyone has any ideas on what they may like in their shoebox gifts let me know. 🙂

Ok so back to the dolls. I found this really cute pattern on Pinterest. I shared the pattern on one of my old post but I thought that I would share it again. I think the dolls we made turned our really cute. My Little Niece even approved them for us. She wanted it as soon as she saw them. So they are one year old approved. LOL.

The one pattern with the red doll is a little different then the ones we made. But I still used it to help with the one we did do. We used the drawn patterns. I think they maybe little Russian fabric dolls. The next time we get together will be the 17th of this month and we are thinking about making tin crafts. I’m not sure how to explain what they are so I will show you some of the pictures from Pinterest that I found. There are so many cool ideas it will be hard to decide what one I will do.

There is even the idea about turning them into sewing kits. But I can be on Pinterest all day and look at pictures and ideas for crafts for OCC. Ok that is all for today!

~Till Tomorrow~


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