~OCC April Gift List 2021~

Hey Everyone,

Happy April 1st! This month for the OCC gift list is stuffed animals!

I’m sure this month will be fun to buy for every age. Every box needs a stuffed animal in my opinion. no matter the size I always try and fit a stuffed animal in all the boxes I pack. Just like my friend E tries to fit a doll in all the girl boxes she packs. LOL.

For the 2-4 ages I like to get a bigger stuffed animal for them to snuggle up with. But with the older kids I find it harder to fit stuffed animals in their boxes because of all the school supplies put in the box. So I tend to get them smaller stuffed animals like the ones I used to love to get from McDonald’s as a kid. I have a story about those little stuffed animals. One of our cats loved them too and would go in my closet pick one out, play with it and leave it laying in the middle of the hallway when he was done playing. My Mama would tell me to stop leaving them in the hallway and I would tell her it wasn’t me and I didn’t know how they got there. Then one day we saw Tigger go into my room choose a stuffed animal from the bottom shelf and walk out of my room with it. I still find it funny that he liked to play with them. 🙂

Anyway a small stuffed animal I think is better than no stuffed animal. Even for the older boys. I know that a lot of people have a hard time with what to put in the 10-14 boys boxes. But they like getting stuffed animals just as much as any child does. So don’t forget them. 🙂

Also the theme I have chosen for this month is colors. Yes you read that right colors. You can just choose one color for your box and pick out everything that is say blue. Or you can decide to pick out every color of the rainbow for your box, your choice. I love doing this with my boxes and a lot of times I do it without even thinking about it. One boy box may just end up with all blue stuff and the other all red. Sometimes they end up with earthy colors and other time super hero colors. So have fun when shopping and get creative!

~Till Tomorrow~


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