~Psalm 37:4~

“Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.” Psalm 37:4

What do you think it means to delight yourself in the Lord? Lets see what the word delight means? It means to take great pleasure in or joy.

Do you find great pleasure and joy being with God? Are there days you do and days you don’t?

Thats ok, because we’re human. Sometimes our emotions just get the best of us. But really are there times you really find yourself delighting in the Lord? You maybe wondering how to go about finding your joy in Him. Thats ok too, we all have to learn to find our joy in Him. Here are somethings to help you along.

Find at least three things a day to be thankful for and give thanks to Him. Spend time in His word each day, even if you just start with a verse a day. Also make a active choice to be with Him and you will find yourself delighting in the Lord.

When we start finding our joy in God our desires start to come inline with what He desires for us. Or maybe what we desire is already something He also wants for us. What are somethings you want and hope for? Does it come inline with what God wants? or with what the world says is ok?

If they don’t line up with God it’s time to look and see what He has for you. Because what He has planned for you is better than anything you can ever dream of. What He wants for you brings deep lasting joy from the inside out. When we are following His plan and going where He leads our hearts are happy an our spirits are at peace. When our desires come inline with God’s desires no matter the circumstances we will find joy in Him. What are somethings that God desires for you today? Do your desires line up with what He wants for you?

~Till Tomorrow~


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