~New Schedules And Tiny House Giveaways~

Hey Everyone,

How has your week been? I has been good and fulfilling!

I have started a new schedule and this one seems to be one I can stick to so far. LOL. I have trouble sticking to schedules. I always seem to fall out of it with in the first week. But this one I have stuck with for almost two weeks and haven’t made adjustments to it yet. I’m proud of my accomplishment! πŸ™‚

So with this new schedule I’m making myself wake up earlier than I used to get up and go to sleep sooner than I was. I’m not a morning person so I don’t wake up at a early time to most, but for me it is a lot earlier than before. I also started doing my Bible time after getting up in the mornings. I am working through the Bible and am in Exodus so far. I have learned new things that I didn’t realize that I would learn. It really has helped me with somethings this week.

I have read and reread Genesis and Exodus a lot of times. I have tried to read the Bible through before but have never finished. My Mama says to just start were I have left off last but I always go back to the beginning. Darn OCD. LOL. πŸ™‚ That and most of the time I can’t remember were I left off anyway. So I start over.

After that I do my yoga. I do yoga with Adriene on youtube, but I’m working up to the longer videos. I like the ones that are 5 to 10 minutes. I lose focus if I do longer. I would like to work up to doing 20 to 30 minutes. Now I just need to buy a yoga mat. I would love one in green! I saw one that was green with a sunflower on it and fell in love with it. But I’m not spending the money it would cost to get one like that. The ones that I liked the looks of were $50 to $70. Maybe one day I will but not anytime soon.

I also have been trying to eat better. I’m not supposed to have gluten or dairy. But sometimes they are just to good. Mostly I give in when there are mozzarella sticks around. But I have been doing better and I made myself a cucumber, hummus, cilantro, and lemon juice sandwich. It was actually really good. I had plain humus this time. I usually use cilantro jalapeΓ±o hummus. But the regular hummus with cilantro worked just as well. Here is a picture of my lunch today.

Other than those things I’m just doing everyday stuff and making sure take a walk everyday. One of the fun things, I have been trying to win a tiny house in a tiny house giveaway. They have a way for you to just enter for free so I have been. Almost everyday I signup. This giveaway lets you pick out how big you want the tiny house to be, all the way up to 300 square feet. You can also pick what features you want and whether you want it to be modern or country.

I have tried in the past for one of their tiny homes through Let’s Enter that have already been made. But this is the first time they done one you can customize yourself. So I thought why not try. It is free anyway. I will just have to wait and see! πŸ™‚ Who nows maybe I will win. If not there is always next giveaway.

I have pictures to share with you today from this week. I have some from Saint Patricks day of my little Niece. She got to hear Celtic music and dance to it to with her Grandmommy. She didn’t get to try our St. Patty’s day dinner even though her top teeth are coming in! πŸ™‚ Next year she can share in our usual St. Patricks day dinner. We have Sheppards pie with soda muffins and this year her Mama made roasted cabbage to go with it. For desert we had brownies this year. I did give in and eat a brownie but I didn’t eat a soda muffin. The Sheppards pie recipe we got online a few years back and they claim it is from a pub in Ireland. But instead of lamb they use beef. Thats ok with me because I do not like the taste of lamb. I tried to like to but just don’t. After all that fun my Mama and I watched the Luck of the Irish Disney movie. It is hard to believe that the movie is 20 years old. We have been watching it on Saint Patricks day for years. Anyway I got sidetracked here is pictures of my little Niece to end todays post. πŸ™‚

I just figured out how to do a slideshow for the pictures! That is so cool!

~Till Monday~


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