~Today Is A Day For Joy~

“Today is a day for joy, for happiness. It is a time for rejoicing, for dancing and laughing. A day for praising the Lord and giving thanks. Today is a day for glorifying the Lord.

He is every sunny day snd spring shower. He is the gentle breeze that blows though. He is the warmth of the sun on your skin, the sweet smell of blooming flowers. He is everything good and beautiful.

Today is a day to glorify God! To remember all that He’s done, To sing praises to His name! This is the day the Lord has made rejoice and be glad in it!”

~Jen~ (3/16/2021)

~This is a picture that I shared last spring. This is a rose from the knockout rose bush in our backyard~

P.S. Sorry that I didn’t do a devotion yesterday. My emotions were effecting my writing a little and felt it better to wait to do the devotion. I will work on it this week and post it next Monday. 🙂

~Till Tomorrow~


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