~A Picture Overload Update~

Hey Everyone,

So sorry that I haven’t updated for the last few weeks. So today I have lots of pictures to share with you probably too many but oh well. πŸ™‚ I really wanted to share them. So here you go. In February we had a snow and ice storm come through, it wasn’t really bad here but we did have a lot of tree limbs come down. With all the tree limbs down it looks a little bit like a hurricane came through. Pine branches and pinecone all over the yard front and back. I have some pictures of the snow that my little Nieces Mama took to share with you today.

It didn’t stay around long before it melted. Which my Dad was happy about.

Also during these last couple of weeks my little Niece stood up by herself for the first time! Her Mama got some photos of it to so I can share them with you today!

She has been cruising around wanting to walk and run since then. She hasn’t started walking on her own just yet but she seems close to trying. She has been pushing her walker around and I mean the one she supposed to walk in not the one that is made to push around.

She holds onto these benches and cruises from one end to the next and then to the doors. πŸ™‚

She also had her first birthday at the beginning of this month! It’s hard to believe that she is already one!

Her Daddy wanted her to have a big Birthday sign out front for her birthday. So of course there had to be a photo shoot out front by the sign! Look at how well she is standing on her own. She can clap while standing now.

Right this moment she is exploring my room with my Mama. She is on my bed trying to get things off my wall and then rolling around the bed and climbing the blankets. She has been laughing and talking a lot lately. She loves to talk with her hand in her mouth and say dada dada dada a lot. πŸ™‚

She also thinks it really funny to watch me dance. She has this deep belly laugh and you have to stop to get her to breath before dancing again. Ok so I have a lot of pictures to share with you next.

Here are fifteen photos from the last couple of weeks! Yes you read right fifteen photos. I had more but I narrowed it down to fifteen instead of twenty something. LOL. It isn’t easy when there are so many cute pictures of her.

My little Niece is playing with some of her birthday presents. She got her first gardening kit from her parents which she loves! I got her a wind chime for her birthday. Because they will be moving in the next month or two I wanted something in the yard for her to look at and play with outside. It is a rainbow colored wind chime and she really likes making it chime.

Well that is all for now! I hope you all are well and having good March so far.

~Till Monday~


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