~Hard To Reach Places~

Hey Everyone,

The past couple of weeks I have been checking where our shoeboxes have been shipped to and so far Panama is the only place this year so far. But when looking up were our boxes where shipped to I found that when I but in our email in instead of the tracking number I can see where all our boxes over the years that had a tracking number went. I didn’t realize we have been putting tracking numbers on our boxes for so long. I didn’t remember that they started so long ago.

Our earliest is all the way in 2014! So I that I would share where all our boxes have gone over the years with you. šŸ™‚

Here is a list of all the places boxes have been shipped to. I will do them in order of year.

1.) Cameroon and a Hard to reach area 2014 2.) South Africa, Belize, and Ghana 2015 3.) The Dominican Republic, Peru, and Namibia 2016 4.) Ghana 2017 5.) Ecuador, Antigua and Barbuda, Mexico, The Dominican Republic, a Hard to reach area, and Benin 2018 6.) Colombia, The Dominican Republic, a Hard to reach area, and Mali 2019 7.) Haiti and Panama 2020

I just wanted to say just because they are in the same year does not mean they are from the boxes sent out that year. Like the ones that went to Haiti are ones that we packed in 2019 but didn’t get to Haiti till the next year. But the ones we packed in 2020 got to Panama just a couple of weeks after the distribution centers finished checking the boxes. šŸ™‚

It amazes me that three years out of the seven have boxes that got to go to Hard to reach area. It also amazes me that the Lord made it possible to get to those children. Isn’t He awesome!

I have a video to share with y’all today and it is about those hard to reach area of the world. This video is about God’s light in the darkness in places where His people are persecuted daily just for loving and wanting to live for Him.

~Till Tomorrow~


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