~More Snow~

Hey Everyone,

I hope y’alls week has been good! My week has been good and slow paced not much going on. Tomorrow we are supposed to get more snow. We still have just a little bit of snow left over from the last one. But not much, just in the spots were the sun doesn’t really reach. I thought that we would just get one snow this year but it looks like maybe we will be getting two snow storms instead. πŸ™‚

This week my Mama and I did make a snow bear instead of a snowman. We thought my Little Niece would like it. So we dyed the nose purple with food dye. It was going everywhere, dripping down the snow bear. But the thing with making a snowman or bear when using food dye. You can cover it back up with more snow. πŸ™‚ Well it covers most of it. LOL. So that is what we did! I think it turned out nice. My Little Niece seemed to like it.

My Little Niece didn’t seem so know what do in the snow. To her because she still so little it was just cold. She didn’t really want to be in it.

Lets see what has my little Niece has been up to lately. She has really started to snuggle in our arms now. She wants to be held and to be snuggled up. Just not for long periods of time. She loves being in her walker and running as much as she can around the living room and kitchen and down the hallway. She was chasing me and her toy elephant Ellie earlier today around the kitchen and living room laughing and squealing her little head off. But as soon as my Mama turned on the video camera she stopped. That girl is funny that way, she knows when the camera gets turned on. As soon as my Mama turned it off she would start laughing and smiling again. LOL. As you can imagine it’s a bit hard to get family videos.

She also doesn’t really want to eat unless her eating song is on. She loves it! When the song is playing she gets detracted enough that she will eat most of the time. Sometimes though she still won’t eat. She going though a I just want puffs stage. You know the children’s melt-aways. She loves peach puffs.

Anyway her parents have been planning for their new house. They went out looking at paint colors today. We looked at some a couple nights ago but I’m not sure what they really are leaning towards yet. They have also been looking into all the stuff they will need for their place. They were able to find a nice washer and dryer. So it’s starting to seem a little more real to me know.

Well here are some pictures for y’all.

I forgot you have to dance to the song as well in order for her to really eat. LOL. She’s watching me dance to the music in the first picture. πŸ™‚ The goofball.

~Till Monday~


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