~OCC February Gift List And Theme~

Hey Everyone,

So this month of February on the OCC gift list we have accessories! So that means sunglasses, watches, necklaces, bracelets, hair stuff, and maybe hats or bandanas. 🙂 A lot of times people have trouble with the boys when it comes to accessories. But there are boys out there that wear necklaces and bracelets. My brother did when he was younger. His favorite necklace was one he got from the beach. He also always like to wear watches and loves sunglasses to this day. 🙂 So remember the boys and don’t be afraid to get them stuff also this month.

As for the theme for this it is Space! Think rockets and stars and galaxy! I saw a box dedicated to this theme and it was so cool! Have fun with it. Get stuff with stars on it or reminds you of space. My Little Niece really likes stars, so she was also a inspiration for this months theme. I know that there are lots of things out there that a galaxy themed. So hopefully you are able to find some fun things for the boxes!

Have fun shopping for your boxes!

~Till Tomorrow~


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