~Romans 8:28~

“And we know that in all things God works for those who loves Him, who have been called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28

Do you know that God loves you? That you are called according to His purpose? That He’s just waiting for you? He has good plans for your life and hopes for you. He loves you. Do you love Him?

There are probably days you would say whole heartily YES! and others you may question if you truly do. But that’s ok because unlike us God’s love is not based on circumstances and conditions. He is with us through our ups and our downs. Faith is not just your feelings in that moment that make you question everything. Faith is when no matter what your feeling you always come back to Him. Because inside you know the truth of His love.

He works for those who love Him. He’s not asking for perfect. He’s not asking for you to complete A, B, an C. He just wants you, all of you. He knows how we are but uses us for His purposes even when we “feel” unworthy for that purpose. He sees the good even when we don’t.

God calls all of us to His purpose. But only the ones who put their hope in Jesus as their Lord and Savior have the privilege to really experience and see what their purpose truly is. To see how it works for God, and find peace in knowing their working for Him. How amazing is that?


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