~House Appraisers, Foxes, And Snow~

Hey Everyone,

On Monday we had a appraiser come and appraise the house. So my Mama wanted everything to be as straighten up as we could in such as short time. So we all went into cleaning mode. 🙂 It made us all realize how much stuff we have and also for me that I don’t put things away like I should. So I have been trying to keep up putting stuff back where its supposed to be since Monday. I do better somedays than others. So far so good. It still looks pretty good! LOL.

It also made me want to finish up projects that ended up on the back burner for a while. So this year I plan on painting my parents bathroom, closet, and hopefully their bedroom. I have been wanting to do that since we moved here seven years ago. It’s time that those rooms are finished. As well as the long hallway. So lots of painting. 🙂 I hope to get some if not all done this year but we also have my brothers family’s little house to paint. So we will see what gets done.

Ok so yesterday I was in my room and I hear a gun shot in our backyard. That means one of two things. 1) My Dad is checking one of his hunting guns. Or 2) Something was trying to get the chickens or a coyote. But it’s past hunting season. So I knew that wasn’t what it was, it was the second reason. It ended up being a fox that is not supposed to be out and about durning the day. My Dad said that it was by our fence and looked like it had mange. Thankfully our chickens weren’t out because of the cold wind. The fox ended up running down the driveway and either crossed the road or turned into the neighbors yard next-door. But my Dad put a trap out in the back field just in case it decided to come back around. The last time we thought we saw a fox it was a really big orange tabby cat. We named him Mr. Cat, it just seemed to fit him. LOL. 🙂 But this time it really was a fox.

Lastly I may finally get that snow that I have been really wanting. The weatherman said that it supposed to snow on Sunday! I really hope this time is real. I SO want even just a little bit of snow. That and I want to see my little Nieces reaction to seeing snow for the first time. We haven’t had a go snow here in a couple of years. We didn’t have any last winter which is really weird. We usually at least get one good snow a year. But not last winter it just rained and rained. Anyway I’m excited!

Here are some pictures to end the week!

~Till Monday~


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