~My Little Niece~

Hey Everyone,

So I have lots of pictures of my little Niece to share with you today. She has grown so much in the last month. Here are a few things she has started to do. She has started to say Mama, to really pull up on things to stand, and she loves to dance to her favorite Disney music. 🙂 She wants to listen to her music every night. It is a Disney sing-a-long from Disney+. Her favorite songs are from Moana (How far you go) and the Jungle book (I wanna be like you). She just starts smiling and she really doesn’t like it when you talk during her music time. She will give you the side eye. It’s really cute. LOL.

She also is determined to stand and walk instead of crawl. She just wants to run around. But before she can walk she needs to stand on her own. Which she is getting there but only for like 10 to 20 seconds sometimes. She is a smarty pants to, she discovered how to open drawers and cabinet doors when in her walker. We thought we would have to watch out for you fingers but it ends up we needed to watch out for her head. She almost smacked her head when she opened on of the kitchen drawers yesterday. But she didn’t seem to mind at all.

Also she still loves being outside. She loves to be in the grass and when they go to the park being in the swing. I have pictures to share with you of her at the park and a few others. Here they are!

~Having A Fun Stroll~

As you can see she loves being outside. 🙂 Well thats all I have for now.

~Till Monday~


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