~Nearly 9 Million Boxes~

Hey Everyone,

So I just found out that this year in the states nearly 9 million boxes were packed! Isn’t that amazing considering COVID has really shut down so much last year. But even with all that has been going on everyone really came together and filled nearly 9 million boxes! I hope to fill even more boxes this year with my friends and Mama. We will just have to wait and see. 🙂

So we put tracking code labels on all of our boxes and I just looked it up today. So far some of our boxes were sent to Panama!

I will be continuing to look up the boxes till it seems that all of the ones we packed were delivered. 🙂 But who knows maybe all of them did go to Panama. In the past we would check a couple of times and found that the boxes we packed ended up in three or four different countries. One even was a restricted area so I really don’t know were the boxes went. It just is exciting to see where the Lord brings all these gifts.

How about you did you put tracking labels on the boxes you packed? If so have you found out where some of your boxes were sent yet?

~Till Tomorrow~


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