~Happy New Year!~

Hey Everyone,

It’s 2021! Wow! It’s really hard to believe that it has been a year already! How was y’alls year? My year was filled with my little Niece and all her smiles and giggles. 🙂 As well as lots of time with family. I love my family but this past year I have been with them like twenty-four seven. We are all feeling like we need to get out more and be around others again. We are just hesitant because of not just COVID but it’s flu seasons added to the COVID flu, and we all want to be more careful because of my little Niece.

So the past week I have been doing stuff around the house except when I did get out to the Farm Stand. We needed to bring more wrist warmers and dishcloths up there. All my wrist warms I made last month sold really quickly! I was so excited! I didn’t think that they would sell so fast.

I have been also trying to decide on what devotion to do on Mondays now that the Mended Heart one is done. I was thinking about just picking a verse and doing a devotion based on it for the week. What are your thoughts on that?

Anyway my new calendars up and my new daily planners in use that I got for Christmas! The calendar is pictures of Ireland. I so want to go there one day. My Auntie K says that I would really love it there. She got to go with a friend of hers back in 2019 and she loved it! She even thought of my Mama and I and got us sliver claddagh rings. I wear mine all the time. Thank you Auntie K! Any who I hope to visit Ireland one day.

As for my daily planner it is one of the most fancy daily planners I have ever had. It has a verse on every page and a place for what you are thankful for, a prayer list, and a priorities list. The two pages after each month are for your to do list for the month. It is awesome and I love it already! Thank you Mama for my new daily planner!

As to what I have in mind to do this new year, I don’t know yet. I am thinking about making a possibilities book like I saw in a movie. I usually make a dream book for the year and see what ones come true. But this year I would like something that lasts longer than a year. A possibilities book holds your ideas and dreams for your life not just for the year. You put all the things that you would like to do and dream of doing and see where the Lord takes you. Yeah I think that is exactly what I’m going to do. 🙂

Ok so for New Years eve we didn’t really do anything. We really never do. But my Mama and I did watch the new Mulan movie that afternoon. It wasn’t like the animated one the plot had different villains. But it was still good! Then I got to spend the bring in of the new year with my little Niece. She had woken up at 11:40 wanting her bottle. So I was with her when it turned twelve. I feel very privileged to be the one that got to be with her on her first bring in of the new year!

Ok so that is all I have for today, I know that it is a little all over the place. But that is just really how my mind is all the time. LOL. 🙂

Anyway, so here are some pictures to end the week and start off the new year!

~Till Monday~


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