~Cookies, Pound Cake, And Pie~

Hey Everyone,

So I have lots of pictures to share about my cookie making fun this past week. I made the dough on Monday and Tuesday but on Wednesday I started baking. I made six different types of cookies and one pound cake in honor of my Grandma. My Grandma would always make pound cake at Christmas time. Last year my Grandma died right before Christmas so I really wanted to make sure I made her pound cake in honor of her this year. It actually turned out! The last time I made pound cake was about ten years ago and it was flat as a pancake. I over mixed it. But my Grandmas recipe turn out and I was so Happy!

Ok so here is a list of all the cookies I made and how many they made.

1. Sugar cookies 40 2. Snickerdoodles 28 3. Gingerbread 62 4. Molasses 31 5. Chocolate Chip 38 6. Red Velvet White Chocolate Chunk 26 If I did my math right that is a grand total of 225 cookies! I really need to figure out how to half the gingerbread recipe.

When I was making the cookies my little niece wanted to help so badly, she was grabbing everything within her reach and she loved the mixer. So my Mama held her up and helped her do a cup of flour in the gingerbread cookie dough. She is only nine months but she loves to watch us cook or bake and wants to be right in the middle of it all. 🙂

I usually make only four different kinds of cookies but this year I really wanted to try some new recipes. So the snickerdoodle and the red velvet white chocolate chunk are the ones I chose to try out. 🙂 They turned out really good!

My Mama made the Chocolate Chess pie. My Grandma used to make one of my Uncle a Chocolate Chess pie every Thanksgiving so I though instead of cookies to make him a pie. My offered to make the pie for me and I gladly said yes please! So 225 cookies, 1 pound cake, and 1 chocolate chess pie!

So all these cookies, pound cake, and pie went to Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, and Neighbors!


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