~Living In Him~ (Part 4)

“The principle of spiritual hunger is this: The more you eat, the hungrier you get.” (Pg. 219)

Spiritual hunger. What is spiritual hunger? It is the want and need to spend time and be with God. This hunger is different to how you feel when physically hungry. When physically hungry you eat and get full. But with spiritual hunger you get your fill and immediately want more. Our hearts; our spirits are made to worship God. We are never truly whole till we live in Him.

With spiritual hunger we spend time with God, the more time we spend with Him, the more our hearts long for Him, and the more we change on the inside. Our thought life changes, our choices change, our desires change, we become more like Him.

The more time we spend time with Him the more we hear Him when He talks to us. We become more aware and able to discern what He is telling us, and what He has planned for us.

“God reveals truth to us through His Spirit as the deeper things of God are weighed. For me, it’s a hammering of my heart when I’m about to take a step in the wrong direction. Sadly, sometimes it’s the conviction I experience after I plowed past that feeling and did it anyway. Or it’s a pause that says “slow down”, giving my emotions a moment to catch up with right thinking. Sometimes it’s a green light. I’m supposed to go, do, act, think big, or walk in faith.” (Pg. 221)

In Him we no longer get stuck in worry. We no longer need to stay in the past or what the future may hold. He is healing our brokenness. We may feel scared of the changes sometimes, but thats ok because He is with you always. Because He has you, you don’t need to hold onto all your worries, He has them. You no longer need to do it all because He loves you right where you are.

“…You have placed your faith in a partnership with Jesus as you take one step forward, and then another; praising God for every small victory you experience in Him… Jesus was sent to release the captives and you held up your shackles. Jesus opened your blinded eyes so that you might see things differently. Your heart was once broken, but know it’s free, free, free.” (Pg. 222)

The Lord has set you free, so it is now time to live free. Just like He always planned for His children to live. To live free in Him! 🙂

(The Mended Heart by Suzanne Eller. Chapter 10 Pages 219-222 underlined.)

This is the end of The Mended Heart. If you have any suggestions about the next book you want the devotions to be from let me know. 🙂

~Till Tomorrow~


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