~Christmas Market, Cookies, And A Little Bit Of A Virus~

Hey Everyone,

How has your week been? My week has been lazy. I should be doing things but find myself doing nothing. So I have been lazy this week. But not tonight. I have two different types of cookies to bake and gluten-free brownies to make as well. I need them ready for my friends tomorrow! They are coming over for the first time since we packed the shoeboxes back in November. I’m excited to see them again! I have Christmas presents to give them along with the cookies. But I love to bake so I thought that I would make cookies for them this year as well. The problem is that we focus so much on OCC boxes that we forget to talk about things that we like other them OCC. So I don’t really know what type of cookies that they like. LOL. So hopefully they like molasses. Because that is what I’m making tonight. 🙂

Ok so last weekend, which feels like yesterday, we went to our towns Christmas craft show and pictures with Santa. Because of COVID it didn’t have as many vendors as usual but it was still fun. I got to spend some time with my brother which never happens. So that was nice! We browsed a little and did a little shopping. I got a knitted hat and shawl. I can crochet myself stuff but I like to buy stuff instead. Most of the stuff I make ends up being sold or given away anyway.

I have a pictures to share like always today of my little Niece some of her with Santa and the other two are ones her Mama took. 🙂

My sweet little Niece ended up getting a little virus the next day after pictures with Santa. She most likely had a virus for a couple of days before. We just thought it was allergies. Because she had a stuffy noise but seemed fine. Poor thing ended up with fever though the next day. She was sick from Sunday to maybe Wednesday. The doctor said that it was just a little virus. So not to worry.

But today you can tell she really does feel better. She is back to be all smiles! And she crawled for real today for the first time! She had been doing a army crawl till this afternoon! It was so exciting to see. 🙂 Well I need to go and my cookies for our guest tomorrow!

~Till Monday~


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