~OOC December Gift List~

Hi Everyone,

So it is December and you maybe wondering if there is anything on the gift list for this month. Well this month on the list is prayer. This is the month to pray for the boxes and the children receiving them. To pray for their salvation and for their family. To pray that they are open to the gospel. But I also like to pray that they get what they are really in need of in the box that they receive.

No only is it time to pray for the children but also it is time to pray for the people delivering the boxes. They travel far and wide to make sure these kids receive their gift. They don’t just go in cars and planes but walk and ride horse, camels, and donkeys. They go through deserts, jungles, mountains, and snow. They do this for the Lord and the spreading of His gospel and for the love of His children. So pray for safe travels and health during this time of giving. šŸ™‚

Also you still have a chance to fill a box online if you are interested!

~Till Tomorrow~


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