~November Recap~

Hey Everyone,

So here is what I have been up to this November. I have been crocheting wrist warmers, dishcloths, and jar openers for the Farm Stand.I hope to bring the stuff I made up there soon. Last Saturday at the Farm Stand they had a craft show with some of their venders. My Mama and I had a table and some of the stuff that I have had for quiet a long time sold. I was so happy about that!

I also got a text today saying that even more stuff sold! This is a dream I have had for years. To be able to sell my stuff at a store. Even if I don’t make enough to live off of it is so exciting to me. šŸ™‚ One day I hope to be able to sell my stuff in a couple different places.

Lets see what else have I been doing this month. Oh we decorated for Christmas early for my little Niece. So the decorations that we usually bring up today are up already. It’s nice but feels weird not to be bring up boxes from down stairs today. We also have a fake tree this year because of my little Niece has started to crawl a little bit. We didn’t want her to get any pine needles in her mouth.

We just so happened to have my Grandmas fake tree down stairs. She would have one of us put up her Christmas tree every year and she would decorate it with all of her ornaments she had. It would fill the whole tree. In honor of her I want to do that this year with our tree. It is hard to believe that on Dec. 13th that it will be a year that she has been gone. I miss her very much.

Don’t forget that we packed all those OCC boxes at the beginning for the month. That was fun getting together with my friends and doing something that we all love to do. Hopefully sometime soon they will announce how many boxes they have collected this year.

What else, well my little Niece is a rep for a little store called Lemons and Lollipops. She gets free outfits and her Mama does some advertising for them. She takes pictures of her in her new outfits and those are the ones that I use a lot of times on my blog. I have a LOT of pictures to share with y’all today!

Here they are. šŸ™‚

~One of her Christmas outfits~

Lastly her in her elf hat and my dress from decorated for Christmas!

I also help watch my little Niece during the week sometimes, I forgot to mention. šŸ™‚ I hope y’all have had a good November as I have.

~Till Monday~


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