~Dropping Off Shoeboxes~

Hey Everyone,

So this week is the OCC National Collection Week! Which is always so exciting!

My Mama actually dropped off the boxes this week. I was still sleeping when she left. What can I say I was tired. 🙂 LOL.

Ok so the on the 7th my friends and I got together and packed twenty-four boxes, twelve girls and twelve boys. Also my Mama and I packed six of our own boxes, three boys and three girls. So all together we did thirty boxes! That is so AWESOME!!!

Here is a picture of the back of the car!

This is the most that we have filled in a year so far. We will see how many we get to fill next year. I had fun and look forward to see where the Lord sends all the boxes! we printed off tracking labels for all the boxes. I will post about where they were sent when we get the email.

I hope y’all had fun packing the shoeboxes as much as we did!

~Till Tomorrow~


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