~Moving Toward Joy~ (Part 4)

“A mended heart is one that moves intentionally toward joy.” (Pg. 203)

Joy. Happiness. These words are what we long to feel, but often look for in the wrong places. It affects not only us but the ones we love the most, when we are happy or unhappy. What so you think happiness is?

Often we think that we will be happy if we get something we want. Like clothes, friendship with the cool person or group, we think that would make us happy.

But that isn’t what our hearts really seek when looking for happiness. Happiness isn’t something that you can buy. “It is deep peace, an underlying state of satisfaction, an attitude or state of being in harmony with life and at peace with God.” (Pg. 203)

No matter our situation we can choose to be happy. I know that it isn’t easy, I struggle with this myself. But we are not supposed to be controlled by our feelings. We have control over them. So that means that we can change how we see a situation and in the end how we feel about it as well.

“This begins as we stop identifying ourselves by our feelings. Rather than saying, “I’m sad” or I’m angry”,… we take ownership by saying, “I feel sad” or “I feel angry” instead.” (Pg. 204)

In doing this we stop blaming others for how we feel. We control our feelings. We decide how we react in situations. So if we are unhappy we need to look at our thoughts and see what is going on inside instead. Most likely you will find that you are just focusing on the negative. I know that I fall in to the trap often. But the Lord made a way for us to overcome the negative, with gratitude!

Thats right by giving thanks and being thankful even when you don’t feel like it. Most of the time we don’t feel like giving thanks and it’s hard to think of anything at first. But the more you do it, the easier it is to see the little things and to find joy in the moment.


“Jesus, my choice points matter to You because I matter to You. Thank You for living inside of me, close as a spoken word or a call for help. I will never be perfect, and You do not ask that of me. But my choices do impact my heart, and the hearts of others. Thank You that I can partner with You in those choice points. Make me aware them. Teach me to be happy, and to practice gratitude until it becomes natural part of who I am.” (Pg. 210)

~Mended Heart Challenge~

  1. Look at the 5,000 choices you made yesterday. List those that took a great deal of energy. How important were these choices?
  2. How did they impact others, whether loved ones or strangers?
  3. Invite the Holy Spirit in to help you in today’s choice points. (Pg. 210)

(The Mended Heart by Suzanne Eller. Chapter 9 Pages 203-210 underlined)

~Till Tomorrow~


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