~Lots Of Pictures My Little Niece~

Hey Everyone,

So today I have quite a few pictures that I want to share of my little Niece! I have had these pictures just sitting and waiting to be posted, but other pictures have taken there spot instead. 🙂 Here is a little bit about how my little Niece is doing.

She has gotten so big and is talking so much now. Everyday there seems to be a new sound that she makes. She loves to blow raspberries, but lately her new thing is to make a O shape with her mouth and stare at you.

Just the other day I was eating a chicken leg and she looked at me like why aren’t you sharing that with me. I’m used to cats crowding around me like vultures but not babies trying to lunge for my food. LOL. 🙂

She is sitting up on her own now and waving hello and goodbye. She can say Dada and is starting to try and crawl. This all happened with in a week and a half. Not only that but she now has two teeth and is just starting to try and feed herself some. Not a lot yet but she tries. I have three pictures of her munching on a banana and a strawberry.

The mouse in the picture above is Lucy the mouse. My Mama and took her and her Mama out to a couple of yard sales last weekend. Her first yard sales! We love going to yard sales and we used to have one every year. But this year we weren’t sure anyone would come out.

She also loves going to the park and seeing all the dogs. There is a dog park right next store. She love to watch them from what I hear. I haven’t been to the park with her yet so this is just what I have been told. But I know she does like to swing in the swing a little bit. My Mama just ordered one for our house. It’s pink and hangs in the myrtle tree in our back yard. I know that it’s November but we have had some nice weather lately, other then when it rained yesterday, it is perfect for being outside. She loves being outside too.

Well I hope that you have liked the pictures of my little Niece! She is so cute and sweet, but aren’t all babies. LOL. 🙂 That is all I have for now.

~Till Monday~


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