~My 27th Birthday~

Hey Everyone,

So today I have a lot of pictures to share. I didn’t post anything last week. It was my birthday and I just forgot to post anything. My birthday was on the 29th so last Thursday. I ended up spending sometime at a friends house then time with the family that evening. But we didn’t really do any party celebrations till the next day.

It was a lot of fun! I got up and watched a movie with my Mama, then we worked on our OCC shoeboxes that we are doing together. Afterwards we did tie-dye. I haven’t tie-dyed anything in years so that was a lot of fun!

Then my little Nieces Mama made some wonderful chili for diner with cornbread. Then instead of a cake we had amish hand pies from Ohio. They are the best hand pies I have ever eaten. We had them one time before on my 18th birthday when we visited amish country Ohio.

My Mama found that they actually make them and ship them out of state. So she order the sampler which came with six different flavors and two of each. My personal favorite is the blackberry. 🙂 Here are some pictures!

~Me and my Albus with my birthday flowers from my Auntie H~

Here are pictures from my little Nieces first Halloween.

Ok that is all I have for now. 🙂

~Till Monday~


~Almost forgot can’t forget our Acadia Marie. Cutie!~

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