~Moving Towards Joy~(Part 2)

“What is the difference between a choice point and a crossroads? Our crossroads are usually bigger, more obvious choices. We often carefully consider because we recognize their importance. Even if they don’t cause us to pause in the beginning, over time they grab our attention. However, our everyday choices come and go quickly, and their significance varies greatly.” (Pg 194-195)

Choices. Maybe it is easy for you to make decisions, or maybe making decisions is hard for you. But in the end we all make decisions. We make the choice to just go ahead and make a decision. We choose to get up in the morning, to what we eat during the day, even about what we say to others, or how we talk to ourselves inside. We choose what we will do, we make the choice everyday.

With all these choices, who are you thinking about when you make your decision? are you thinking about yourself, others, or God?

All our decisions and choices are effected by our perspective. When our perspective is focused on God our choices will reflect Him. They will be good for you and others. When our perspective is focused on ourselves or pleasing others. Our choices will seem good at the time, but eventually we will be disappointed. I know this from experience. I have been trying to please people for years and all it has given me is heartache.

When I think of myself I end up just discontent and grumpy. I don’t know about you but I really hate being grumpy. But when I make my decisions and choices by putting God first I am at peace and happy.

Not everyone will always agree with my choices but if they are guided by God then that is ok. Jesus made all different choices and decisions that people were not always happy with. Even His everyday decision where questioned by people.

Everyday we have uncountable amount of decisions and choices to make. Everyone of them are important to God. The will either reflect Him or not it is up to us.

(The Mended Heart by Suzanne Eller. Chapter 9 pages 194-195 underlined)

~Till Tomorrow~


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