~The Last Oct Get Together~

Hey Everyone,

I hope y’all have had a good week so far!

So last Saturday my friends and I had a OCC get together, and we got a lot done. We made ribbon rings, folded all the shoeboxes up(They hadn’t been put together yet), glued calendar pictures into the lids, and organized all the stuff we have collected over the year. I have one picture of all the boxes almost finished with calendar pictures.

Thank you Mimi for all the calendars! We used Mod Podge to glue the pictures to the lids. I can’t remember if I found the idea last year on Pinterest or from a conversation during a OCC sewing group I used to be part of. I don’t know. LOL. Anyway whoever came up with the idea, thank you!!! 🙂

When we were glueing on the pictures my Mamas cat Acadia decided to help. She sat on the table cloth that was half on the floor at the time making it difficult to place all the way on the table. My friend got a couple of pictures of her helping. She took all the picture up today! Thank you D!

When we tried to move it she would get our feet. She thought it was a game I do believe. I wish I had more pictures to share. I will make sure to have more to share next time.

As for the stuff we had a lot more than we thought. You can tell what was on sale and what wasn’t. We have lots of notebooks and pencils, because of sales going on. LOL. The things we seemed to forget are scissors and glue sticks, too washcloths, and combs for the boys. Oops! Thats ok that is why we go though everything before setting a date to pack the boxes.

We will be getting together in November to fill the boxes!

Till then I will post videos or updates from Samaritan’s Purse website.

~Till Tomorrow~


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