~OCC Headbands And Cards~

Hey Everyone,

So on Sunday my friends and I finely got together. 🙂 We finished decorating the headbands for the girl boxes. I do have pictures to share with y’all of the finished product. But I also have a few pictures of our cat Sunny getting in to the flowers we used to decorate the headbands.

We pulled out ribbon, flowers, and buttons to decorate the headbands with. Sunny decided that he would help before we could get stared. 🙂

As you can see Sunny didn’t want to let go of the flowers. At one time he had the dark pink flowers in his paws as well. He dropped them though before the pictures. Thats me holding him up for the pictures before getting him off the table.

After we finished the headbands, we wrote card for the kids. We each did a different age range. I did the five to nine age. I am not a letter writer for the most part so it did take me a little while. While my friends did theirs pretty fast. One is in school to become a teacher and the other is just not self conscious about letter writing like I am. It’s surprising that I write a blog like I do. LOL. 🙂

Here are the finish headbands and the cards that we did! I have three pictures that I took today.

I think that they turned out pretty! And it was nice to get the cards done as well. We actually will be getting together again on Saturday! We will be glueing calendar pictures into the lids of the boxes. My Mimi gave me so many calendars that I have enough to do maybe up to a hundred boxes or more. So I will not be needing calendars for a while. LOL.

I will post pictures of the boxes next Thursday. Well that is all we did on Sunday before they had to head out. We live about forty-five minutes away from them so when we do get together we talk a lot. Which takes up most of our time. 🙂

Ok well that is all for today.

~Till Tomorrow~


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