~As The Heart Thinks~ (Part 2)

Hey Everyone,

Sorry that I didn’t post yesterday. I totally forgot about the blog yesterday. I was spending time with my Auntie and totally spaced. Sorry. But here is the devotion that should of been put up on Monday. 🙂

After last week you maybe wondering, how do you leave the playground of your mind? Well the first step is to be aware of when you are in the playground. The second is actually wanting to leave it. Sometimes even through we know it is wrong we don’t want to change or leave it. I know because I’ve been there. So I look to God and ask Him to give me the desire to want to change.

He always answers. Even if it isn’t how I want, it always turns out, and even better then I would have planned.

There is a story in the Bible about Jesus talking to His disciples and asking them the question “Who do people say I am.” The disciples gave Him answers they have heard others say. But only Peter said “the Messiah” “Jesus then explains that, as the Messiah, His destination is the cross.”

As you probably have guessed, the disciples where upset and confused. Why would their Lord say that? Peter even took Jesus aside to have a word with Him. Jesus’s response is this “Get behind” Him, saying, “You do not have in mind the concerns of God, but merely human concerns. (Mark 8:33)

I like the way Suzanne Eller translated it. “You’re just thinking about you, not what God want for all of humanity.”

When we go to the playground we are just thinking about ourselves. God wants us to wake up and see the truth that we blind ourselves too. Nothing good happens when we lock ourselves in the playground.

But He is the key to that lock and He opens that gate and truth wants to come in and free you. When you let in the truth only then can you really start taking steps to leave and stay out of that playground.

(The Mended Heart by Suzanne Eller. Chapter 8 page 176 underlined)


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