~My Auntie Is Here~

Hey Everyone,

So today my Auntie is here for a week long visit! We have been getting the house ready all week. It took two days just to finish the craft room. My Mama helped me get started on it then I have been working on it on my own. I worked on it till ten-thirty last night.

I’m not a high energy person so I was quite sore after. LOL. I have way to much stuff in a little room. 🙂 I have things for sewing, knitting, crocheting (My favorite), Swedish weaving, candle making, paper crafts, loom weaving, painting stuff, just regular kids craft stuff, and OCC crafts. Also I have some doula stuff in there as well. Way to much stuff in a little room. Here is what it looks like all cleaned up.

I wonder how long it’s going to last. LOL. Knowing me maybe a month, but I’m hoping to keep it organized this time. I did get rid of a lot of stuff. Just need to make sure that I don’t buy any thing for awhile.

I also finished my room. I don’t have a picture to share but it is neat and clean. My cat Albus likes that the canopy blankets have been washed and his stuffed animals are on the big pillow. Albus loves sleeping in the canopy, if I don’t know where to find him he’s is usually in the canopy.

Here is a little on my little Niece. She has stared making new noises and her personality is really coming out. She laughs at the oddest things. Just last night I offered to watch her while her Mama took a shower. I needed to get the dusting done so I held her while dusting the hallway paintings. She laughed so hard and long she couldn’t breath. I really don’t know what she found so funny but it was really cute!

My brother got a video of her laughing. I was going to share it but it won’t send to my email for some reason. But I have one more photo to share today in stead.

~Her and her Mama hanging out down stairs~

Her Mama is the one who takes most of these photos that I share. They are really good!

Well I’m going to go hang out with my family for the night.

~Till Monday~


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