Hey Everyone,

Because of COVID-19 volunteering at a processing center with Samaritan’s Purse has gotten a little complicated. Samaritan’s Purse is taking the time to make sure everyone is safe and healthy.

So, this year they will be using eight different processing centers in the states. Here is a list:

Alanta, GA (Place To be Determined) Baltimore or Washington DC (PTBD) Boone, NC Charlotte, NC Chicago (PTBD) Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX Denver, CO and Fullerton, CA

At each processing center they will provide the volunteers with masks and gloves to wear. They will also have hand sanitizer stations setup throughout their facilities. Here is what to expect:

  • Volunteers will be asked to wear masks and use hand sanitizer.
  • Samaritan’s Purse will provide masks and optional gloves for all staff and volunteers who serve in a processing center.
  • Hand sanitizer stations will be placed throughout the facilities.
  • The temperature of all volunteers will be checked upon arrival and staff temperatures will be monitored daily as well.
  • Designated staff will clean and sanitize the properties frequently.
  • Our newly-developed processing procedures will allow volunteers and staff to social distance while serving with those from other groups. 
  • Volunteer group leaders will receive additional information regarding how to prepare for COVID-19 modifications prior to arrival.
  • Procedures may be customized per processing center based on local guidelines and restrictions.
  • If changes to your schedule are required due to local COVID-19 conditions, we will communicate as quickly and thoroughly as possible through volunteer group leaders and updates to this webpage. (Samaritanspurse.org/processingcenters)

They will keep up with their volunteers by email. If you are interested in volunteering at one of their processing centers the sign up starts on the 30th of this month. I have never been to a processing center but people I know that have said it is a lot of fun.

If you don’t know what a shoebox processing center is. This is where they go through the shoeboxes and check for anything that may not be allowed through customs or if anything is war related. They make sure that the boxes are ready to be shipped. 🙂

I hope this was helpful!

~Till Tomorrow~


Happy Birthday Grandma! (Sept 17, 1933 – Dec 13, 2019)

~My last pictures with her on my birthday last year~
~My Mama acting like the paparazzi and taking pictures really fast and close up~
~My Grandma thought it Hilarious. I miss you Grandma~

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