~Momentum~ (Part 2)

Forward momentum can have awkward moments. They can be embarrassing sometimes. For me forward momentum is just getting myself out and about. I like to stay home. I have panic attacks when going out. I have been like this since my PTSD was triggered. But because of the Lord and my parents and others I’m getting better.

But in getting better there are awkward moments, that can leave you feeling embarrassed.

“There are three crossroads you may encounter in momentum.” (Pg. 150)

~When You Need To Make A U-Turn~

We all are walking a path. Is it the path the Lord has for us? or is it one we made for ourselves?

Sometimes we are in need of making a u-turn in the paths that we are taking. I was on a path that I thought the Lord had for me and it wasn’t. I was in school to become a midwife. But door after door closed. He had another plan for me. I didn’t know what it was till I went through old notes and written prayers. He told me to write, so that is what I’m doing.

U-turns are personal to you. Your u-turn isn’t someone else’s. It is unique to you. Sometimes it’s small things that end up turning into big things in the end. A u-turn is when you turn from the old and turn to the new. You may have times when you slip back into what you are turning away from if it is a old habit that the Lord has made you aware of. We all slip up and need to be reminded to turn back to God.

Whatever your u-turn is from, God placed His Holy Spirit in our hearts to guide us. So if we fall back into our old habit He is there to help us our of it again.

(The Mended Heart by Suzanne Eller. Chapter 7 Page 150 underlined)

Next week I will go over the second crossroad. Maybe even the third crossroad as well.

~Till Tomorrow~


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