~6 Month Birthday~

Hey Everyone,

So today is my little Nieces 6-month birthday! Her parents wanted to make it special. So, we had a little birthday dinner. I have so many photos that I want to share with y’all. 🙂

My Mama went shopping this afternoon and found a little cake for her to smash in a sense. She’s too young to eat cake so that really is all that she was really going to do anyway. While she was out my Dad cooked hamburgers on the grill and her parents and I decorated the dining room. We had burgers and hotdogs for dinner, then did cake and presents. Her parents got her a new teether and some cool silicone bowls that suction to the table. They are really cute. Here are nine pictures of her 6 month birthday! I just had to share with y’all!

~This was found at Target and you just blow it up. It comes with twine to hang up~
~She loved the cake. She just wanted to hug it. LOL!~

Here is the cake after my little Niece was done with it. She got a tiny little piece of frosting in her mouth and didn’t seem to know what to do with it. She wasn’t sure about the taste. She is used to only fruit and vegetables right now after all. 🙂

She ended up getting a bath afterwards. She had frosting all over her arms and a little on her face. Good thing she likes bath time. Well, that is all for now.

~Till Monday~


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