~OCC September Gift List~

Hey Everyone,

Happy September!

It is time for the September gift list, and its GAMES!

There are so many things that you can get when you think of games. For the younger kids it is a little easier because you can fit more into their boxes. Here are some examples.

2-4 yr olds

Miniature hungry hippo (you can find at five below) Small puzzles Etch a sketch Go fish and other little card games Also water toys like little animals because little kids will make games up with almost any toy. 🙂

5-9 yr olds and 10-14 yrs olds

It gets a little tricky with these ages because you know what you want to get them but a lot of space in the box is filled with school supplies. So here are some things that I tend to get them.

Small puzzles Cards and card games Jacks Small Jenga set or other little game that may fit. Some are small but still don’t fit to well. So, I look for the ones that look thin and long. That’s the reason for Jenga. Other things I haven’t thought of till the picture at top is little maze puzzles. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. I would love to hear what you have to suggest. 🙂

So have fun when picking out the games for the boxes. Try to think a little out of the norm. I tend to get stuck on the same things each year for the boxes. Five below is a good store to get small games and other things for the shoeboxes. Have fun!

~Till Tomorrow~


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