~My August~

Hey Everyone,

I hope y’all have had a good August! My August has been filled with dreams for tiny houses and selling my crafts. What can I say I’m a dreamer. Maybe one day I will have a tiny house. One dream has come true. I am selling my crafts at the Farm Stand that is just 15min for my home. 🙂

They are so nice there that they even let me set up my own space there. So may Mama and I went on Wednesday to set up my table and to just look around a little bit. Hopefully some of my stuff sells there. I can’t wait to find out! 🙂

Here is a couple of pictures for my table set up!

I’m also excited about the Farm Stand because they said that if I want, I can bring in some for my small, refurbished things. I have a table and a small folding corner shelf that I have had for a while. I also have a scripture box that I did with verses on cardstock inside.

One thing I will be making for the Farm Stand is my little crocheted animals that I know for sure. My Mama thinks that I should also do the patch work puppy. They sell well at craft shows, but they take me awhile to make so I’m not sure. I still have to get ready for the Christmas show in November. I really should just make a list. It would safe me a lot of time and stress. LOL.

But enough of that here is a little bit about how my little Niece has been. She is teething big time. She started teething at two months, but it finely looks like her teeth are coming in. That is exciting! We think that more than two are coming in. Maybe top and bottom teeth because of how she is really chewing on her teething toys.

She is also starting to get up on her knees. Next thing we know she will be crawling all around the house! What’s funny is her Mama has been working on her sitting but she rather stand then sit. So when I have her sit she just leans back into my hands before I can move them away. She just a funny girl.

She loves the ceiling fans and just wants to lay back and watch them. My Mama and I have named the fans in the house. The one in the kitchen is Mr. Fan. The two in the dining room are the twins. Then there is the Cousin Fan, Mrs. Fan, Uncle Fan, and Auntie Fan. I think we were bored. LOL. Anyway, here are some photos of my Little Niece before I go.

~Modeling one of her new outfits~
~Little Hippy Girl~

~Till Monday~


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