~Follow Your Box~

Hey Everyone,

Did you know that you can track the shoebox you packed? Operation Christmas Child a little while back made a tracking label that you can get off of Samaritans Purse online.

If you go online and buy the shipping cost, you get the option of getting a tracking label to place on your box. My Mama and I have been doing this for a few years now.

When you finally find out where it was sent it is so exciting. Sometimes it goes some country that you are not expecting. Other times it goes somewhere that you are not allowed to know about, because it is a restricted. When it is restricted, you know it is because of safety reasons for the people in that area.

Here is how you go about getting a tracking label for your box.

“Every shoebox needs a $9 donation to provide for collecting, processing, shipping, and other project costs. If you make this donation online, you can Follow Your Box and receive a special label”

“As you checkout, print your unique label or save it to your computer. A receipt with your label will also be sent to your email address…The email receipt containing your label also will provide a link to our Follow Your Box.” (Samaritanspurse.org/FollowYouBox)

I find that it is a fun to find out where the Lord placed the shoeboxes that we’ve packed. It is nice to know that all the time and love and prayers really do go somewhere. It is easy to forget about the boxes after sending them off, but this way you get to be reminded of the work God is doing through Operation Christmas Child. That you get to be a little part of something so big is humbling.

~Till Tomorrow~


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