~Hug The Little Girl Within Me~

This is the The Mended Heart Challenge at the end of chapter 6. I decided to share it today instead of at the end of the devotional yesterday. The challenge was to make this prayer your own.

“Hug the little girl within me” by Anita Corrine Donihue.

“Dear Lord, hug the little girl within me – the little girl mistreated and abused. Encircle me with your everlasting arms. Still my silent sobs. Anoint my head with Your healing oil; free me from nightmares of memories. Touch my scars with Your healing stripes. Soothe each muscle that suffered, too. Piece together my broken heart. Your heart bled and You died for me. In sleepless nights, wrap me in Your comforting presence. Let me rest in the shadow of You, the Almighty. Hug the little girl in me as You cover me with Your feathers like a mother hen does her chicks. I find refuge under Your wings. Help me to face yesterday (wrong as it was), to forgive as You forgive me, and to look forward to tomorrow with hope.”

(The Mended Heart by Suzanne Eller. Chapter 6 page 143 underlined)

Here is a picture for the week. Big Sunny Bunny sleeping on the back of the futon.


~Till Thursday or Maybe Tomorrow~


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