~Selling My Crafts~

Hi Everyone,

So how has your week been? Mine has been good. I have been happy because the Farm Stand said that they would take the crafts that I make! I’m so excited! I was dancing around when I found out. πŸ™‚

They said that I could set up my own space if I wanted to. I said yes, and my Mama went out that same day and the day after and started buy new stuff to use on the table display. She likes doing things like that for me.

This makes me want to revamp my whole craft show look as well and make everything match. Green buffalo plaid tablecloths with burlap and lace with sunflowers. With some twine thrown in here and there. My old look was gingham, burlap, lace, twine, and sunflowers. So pretty much changing the gingham to buffalo plaid and a thicker white lace.

Anyway, I’m excited! I can’t wait to go set up my spot!

In other news my little Niece has been doing well. She started eating baby food a little while ago and she loves it! Her Mama gets the kids food pouches that are like 3 to 4 oz each. She will eat the whole pouch in one sitting. Just the other day she ate three whole pouches. Well not in one sitting, LOL! But she had three pouches of fruits and veggies that day.

She loves it! She even wants to hold the spoon. So, they took a picture of her holding the spoon and food pouch. It is so cute!

She is also starting to move around more. She will go in a circle wiggling around. Right now, she is actually sitting on my lap right as I’m typing. πŸ™‚

Here is one of her just chillin on the quilt. I love how she is laying there.

Here are two more photos from this week. Her Mama gets her cute clothes from a boutique, and she sometimes is on their website. Here are a couple of outfits that she got from there.

And one from today when she went to the park. πŸ™‚

~Bye till Monday~

Well, that is all for now!

~Till Monday~


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