~The Farm Stand~

Hey Everyone,

How has your week been?

My week has been fun! I have been looking for a place to sell my crocheted stuff. I had one place that said they would sell my dishcloths and jar openers. But their hours are not consistent right now and not reliable at the moment. So, I remembered something that an old acquaintance told me last year. She said that she sometimes sells her stuff at the Farm Stand.

I had never heard of the Farm Stand before and didn’t know where it was, so I looked it up and it is only fifteen minutes away. So Cool!!!

It is a really cool little building were people sell their meat and vegetables as well has homemade crafts. They already have some people that sell crocheted items, but they don’t have crocheted animals or baby blankets.

So, I’m hoping that they will like my stuff. I will be going next Wednesday to show them what I have, and they will let me know if it is something they think will sell. I really hope so! I’m excited and nervous. 🙂

My Mama and I will be going through my stuff today and see what I have already made that they might like. Here is a picture of some stuff that I have made in the past and have sold.

This is just some of the things that I have sold in the past. I have little crocheted animals as well. Here a picture it is a little blurry.

They said that they are selling a lot of baby stuff lately. So, I hope that they baby stuff that I make will be something they are looking for. 🙂

Before I end this post, here are four pictures. Three of my little Niece and one of Acadia Marie.

~Till Monday~


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