~Noises That Go Thump In The Night, And Radio Flyers~

Hey Everyone,

How has y’alls August so far? Mine has been good so far. 🙂

I have a song that I wanted to share with everyone. It is called There Was Jesus by Zach Williams with Dolly Parton.

This is my Mamas new favorite song. It is becoming mine as well. I’m listening to it right now as am typing this post. It isn’t that easy to type and listen to music. LOL. 🙂

So, there was one story that I did want to share with you. A couple of nights ago my Mama and I were watching TV when we heard this loud noise. Here is the funny thing about it we all heard something different. To me it sounded like the wind blow a tarp really hard and made it make a snapping sound. To my Mama it sounded like the trap my Dad put outside to catch a mystery animal that we are not sure what it is, went off. To my Dad it sounded like my brother fell in the shower. To my little Nieces Mama it sounded like something got into our outdoor trashcans.

We all heard something different and in different directions. It even woke up my little Niece, which is weird because she sleeps through the loudest noises. My brother didn’t hear anything because he was in the shower. My Dad was back in my parent’s room watching the news. My little Niece and her Mama were in the basement, and my Mama and I were in the living room.

We never did find out what the noise was. My Dad even went outside with his favorite flashlight and checked the chicken coop, the trashcans, walked around the house, and even walked down our driveway. He thought that maybe a tree fell. Nothing, absolutely nothing. Only the Lord knows. LOL! 🙂

Here are a few pictures of my little Niece. She turned five months on the fourth!

~My little Niece on her first bike. LOL.~

My Mama found this bike at Goodwill. Her Mama said that when she gets old enough for a bike that she would love a radio flyer. So, when my Mama saw a pink one for only like $12.50, she snatched it right up and bought it. You never let things sit when you find them at Goodwill. They will most likely be gone by the time you decide that you want it. My Mama set her on it just for the fun of it and my little Niece grabbed the handlebars right away.

I hope y’all have a good weekend!

~Till Monday~


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