~OCC Gift List August~

Hey Everyone,

Here is Augusts OCC gift list for the month!

School Supplies! I don’t about you but buy school supplies is just fun.

When I was little, they used to have a table set up in the mall where you could pick out a paper apple. On that apple was a list of school supplies that a boy or girl would need for the year. I used to pick a girl that was in my grade and pick out supplies for her. We would also pick out one of the older kids, because they aren’t picked as often as the younger ones.

I always had so much fun picking stuff out for them. I would ask the Lord what the girl would like. Because I always wanted it to by as special as I could make it.

When it comes to get school supplies for the shoe boxes it is a little different. Not everything fits in the boxes. Like rulers always seem a little too long, notebooks to wide, and everything just seems bulky. So, I find that for one thing it is best to take things out of the packaging. I used to not want to do that but learned that it is ok that you do. So, I usually get a pencil bag to put most of the school supplies, like glue sticks, erasers, kids’ safety scissors, pencils, and pencil sharpener.

For the notebooks I found that the Dollar General has small college ruled notebooks. They look like the ones you would get for school but smaller. They fit perfectly in the boxes. So, I usually put two in the bottom of the older kid’s boxes. As for the rulers, they started making bigger boxes that they fit in. But you don’t always get the slightly bigger boxes. In that case just getting the half size rulers or a fabric tape measure works just as well.

For the 2–4-year old’s I usually pick out stuff for coloring. Crayons with a coloring book or coloring paper. I have trouble finding age-appropriate coloring books that are small enough to fit the boxes. Just like finding notebooks for the older kids.

I hope this has been helpful in your school supplies adventure for OCC. These are just some of the things that I have found over the years of packing them that work best for us. 🙂

~Till Tomorrow~


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