~When Sin Hurts Your Heart~ (Part 4)

No Longer Trapped (Pg. 111)

To no longer be trapped in sin, to no longer be weighed down and heavy in sin. That is what God’s does for us.

“If you’ve sinned, you can play the blame game for years, but that won’t get you any closer to healing.” (Pg. 111)

God wants us to let our hearts feel, to open up to Him. To let His healing flow in us and through us.

“The key to change is letting God see you completely, no holds barred, and offering up your thoughts, your relationships, your life and your heart to His touch.” (Pg. 111)

You Choose Joyful vs. Shame-Based Repentance (Pg. 116)

We choose every time we sin and ask for forgiveness whether we repent in shame or joy. When we repent in shame guilt drives our seeking for forgiveness. Our sin is how we see ourselves and think that is all an who we are. We feel like God isn’t able to heal our brokenness. Shame-based repentance is fear based, it’s hate for ourselves and not just the sin.

Joy-based repentance is knowing God loves you and sees you not just the your sin. It leads to healing. I’m not going to say it is easy, I’m not going to say that it isn’t sometimes full of pain. Because healing sometimes hurts before it is better. I know this from physical health stuff and not just a broken heart. They both sometimes feel worse before they are better.

“Yes, there will be hard lessons to be learned as God gently restores you heart. Don’t rush the process. No quick apologies so you can move on. Let God take you to the source or root of that temptation.” (Pg. 120)

The Mended Heart Challenge (Pg. 123)

  • Count the cost (What do you stand to lose)
  • Look in the mirror and tell yourself why this choice is contrary to God’s best for you.
  • Talk about your temptation (or sin) with someone who loves you enough to be honest.

(The Mended Heart by Suzanne Eller. Chapter 5 Pages 111, 116, 120, and 123 underlined)

Hey everyone I hope that this devotional today is inspiring to you. I know that I used a lot of the book today and that it is short. But she just had some much that I wanted to share, and I’m more of a straight forward type of person. So I thought just get right to the point would be best. 🙂

~Till Tomorrow~


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