~The Last Post Of July~

Hey Everyone,

Can you believe that it is the end of July already?! I can’t. As always it feels like the month just started yesterday. But enough about that, here is a little about what my week has been like. 🙂

To start of the week, I had my OCC sewing group get together that I told y’all about yesterday. They got to see my little Niece who loved all the attention. She just laughed and laughed while being held by my friends Mom who came to see my Mama. I posted a couple of pictures of her laughing on Tuesday.

On Tuesday night my brother came inside and told my Dad, that two of our three chickens weren’t in the coop. This is weird because as soon as it gets a little dark, they go in. So, my Dad goes out there and looks inside the coop to find a black snake in one of the nesting boxes. I had just cleaned the coop at like 6:30 when putting the chickens away. So, it had to have gone in sometime after.

After my Dad took care of the snake my parents then had to try and get the two that where outside in the coop. My Mama said that they had to push them inside then close the door to get them to stay in there. Poor chickens, traumatized by a snake.

I don’t have a picture of the snake in the coop. But I do have a couple of pictures that I wanted to share from earlier today. My little Nieces Mama sent me a picture and told me to go outside to the back door. There was a big yellow moth by the door on the ground. So, I did, and it was beautiful and a lot bigger than the picture she sent my showed. Here is a couple of pics of it.

Isn’t it pretty?!

The rest of my week has been kind of boring. Other than the thunderstorms about almost every night lately. Thankfully we have been getting rain as well. The plants have not liked the heat that we have been having and are loving the rain. 🙂

I hope y’alls July has been well! 🙂

~Till Monday~


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