~OCC Sewing, Finally Getting Together~

Hey Everyone,

So my friends and I finally got together for our OCC Sewing group! It has taken us a long time to find a go time to get together, but we finally found the time.

I had plans for us to cut out skirts this time around but we ended up working on other things.

So we ended up working on bracelets and then picking out fabric for skirts. We would of cut out skirts but for some reason I am missing one piece of my skirt pattern. Which is really weird, but hey at least we picked out fabric and my friend who sews a lot said she would go to Joanns and pick up a new pattern for us. I would love to know what happened to that piece of the pattern though.

So Instead we ended up cutting out the last four boy tote bag squares. I had finished cutting out all the girls tote bag squares and the liners for the inside of their totes. But I had run out of usable fabric for the boys totes. So when my Mama went out to the church thrift store one day she found this beautiful blue and yellow plaid for the boys tote bags.

We have enough that I’m thinking about using some of it to make a skirt or two. I would like to make shorts for the boys but I just don’t think that it is doable for us this year. But next year we are definitely looking in to making shorts.

But one of the things that I am looking into making for next time we get together is fabric dolls that we found on Pinterest. Here is the picture on how to make them.

They look easy enough, but we will see! I am thinking about trying to make one tonight. 🙂

I did finish weaving two bracelets since Tuesday when we got together. I have one for a boy and one for a girl. All I need to do is add the button on the ends and a couple more knots and they will be done!

My Mama modeled them for me in these next pictures!

~The boys~
~The girls~

I really had fun making them so I will be making more!

When that is all for now.

~Till Tomorrow~


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