~Hi Everyone~

Hi Everyone,

Like I said yesterday, I hope y’all have had a good week so far! It has been a good week here! I had a friend and her Mom visit for the first time in months. It was so nice to get to talk to someone face to face and not over a phone or through a screen.

I wanted to show her all the stuff that we have been doing here at the house, and stuff that I have been sewing and crocheting. Thankfully she didn’t mind being dragged from room to room.

She got to meet my little Niece for the first time up close. My little Niece was all smiles for them after a minute of confusion. She loves to smile! That and lately she will give you a confused look and stare at you for the longest time. It is quite funny when she stares at you with her little mouth open and eyes wide and no matter what you do, she stays that way.

My friend didn’t get to experience the funny stare, but she got to see her all smiles.

Since the Friday I have worked on my little garden getaway with my Mama. I have two pictures to share with you all.

So far only one chair has been painted. I have decided that I really love this blue color, so I’m going to paint the last one blue as well. My Mama agrees that it would look nice with both of them blue. So, I don’t feel bad not leaving one pink for my Mama. 🙂

This is something little that I worked on today. My Mama surprised me and got a couple little fairy garden things. I already had the little terra-cotta pots in my green house. I collected the moss from our front steps that seem to love to grow moss. It is almost done just needs a fairy and something else, I’m just not sure what just yet.

Before I end the post for the day here are some pictures of my little Niece to end the week!

~This picture is just funny~

From this afternoon!

Lastly my Albus Severus!

~Mr Crosseyed~

~Till Monday~


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