~OCC Tote Bags Anyone~

Hey Everyone,

I hope y’all have had a good week so far! I have been working on OCC tote bags this past week and will be working on more today. I have three boy tote bags finished! I am so happy!

I need to look for more fabric though for the boy’s tote bags. The fabric that I have been using has dirty spots and I don’t want that on their totes. The spots are not easy to see at first but on closer inspection they are noticeable.

But here is what one looks like when done!

~I love the way they turned out~

My Mama got the strap material from Hobby Lobby in the clearance section. They only had enough for four tote bags in this color. So, the next totes will have different color straps. I’m not sure what colors that they have in the clearance section, but I was told they had all colors of this stuff at Hobby Lobby.

I have fabric that I am going to be using for the girl’s tote bags. I took a couple of pictures, but I have bad lighting in my room, so they turned out a little dark. But here they are any way. 🙂

They both look like quilts when laid out. I was going to use them for skirts, but then my Friends thought that they would look better as totes. I have to agree with them on that. They wouldn’t have worked for tiered skirts. All I have to do is iron and cut the tote piece today.

I have been having fun working on them. I have a table set up in my room, so that I can watch movies or listen to music on my computer while sewing. 🙂 Thank you, Dad, for getting the table for me!

~Till Tomorrow~


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