~A Fun Little Getaway At Home~

Hi Everyone,

I hope y’alls week has been going well! My week has been emotional, and that alone always seems to make us think it has been a bad week. But if you look at the things that the Lord has blessed the week and days with, it looks like a pretty good week.

Last Sunday or Monday I can’t remember, I was looking for a place just to get some quiet, so I walked around to the side of the house and just sat there. While I was setting there, I just had this idea pop up that it would be really nice to have a little sitting area here. So, I told my Mama my idea and she went with it. She went out the next day and bought flowers and mulch to help start putting this little spot together. We already have bricks and slate here and a couple of outdoor chairs that weren’t being used. Even an old birdbath that had broken that the previous owner left here.

My Mama and I took our old box planters from the garden and used them for the flower boxes and got to work. Two days later and it looks beautiful! It’s not done yet we still need a little table for when I do Bible study out there. But it is already a amazing little spot to go to. Thank you, Mama!

~I plan to spray paint one chair blue and leave one pink. My Mamas chair will be the pink chair I’m more of a blue girl myself~

So far so good. But I would love it to look a little more steampunk and mad hatter themed. I plan on putting clocks on the wall and teacup bird feeders out there. The green teapot I want to turn into a garden decoration. I will put up more pictures as I go along or when it is done.

Otherwise, I have just been enjoying the sun after a wonderful rain that we had last weekend. Oh, and getting to talk to a friend that I had lost touch with. It was so nice to talk to her. We talked for two hours and would have talked longer if I didn’t need to eat. LOL. But that is all for now!

~Here’s a little picture of my little Niece till Monday~


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